Anti Money Laundering Course 25-29 Jun 2018: SI Nouman Jahangir of RD ANF Punjab has obtained 1st position.Insp Izhar Ahmad Khan of Pak Customs has obtained 2nd position. Computer Based Training 28 May - 1 Jun 2018: ASI Farhad Mubashir of RD ANF North has obtained 1st position. Insp Wajiul Hassan of Pak Customs has obtained 2nd position. Law Course 23 Apr - 18 May 2018: SI Anjum Shakeel of RD ANF Punjab has obtained 1st position. SI Muhammad Arif Lodhi of RD ANF Sindh has obtained 2nd position.


Act as centre of excellence at national and regional level in the fields of counter narcotics training, research and analysis.


Identify and meet the training needs of ANF and other Law Enforcement Agencies in the field of counter narcotics and precursor chemicals by conducting systematic training programmes.


  • Enhance drug law enforcement capabilities of ANF and others LEAs through systematic training programmes

  • Provide necessary skills and knowledge required to conduct strategic level drug interdiction, investigation and prosecution

  • Enhance inter-agency cooperation through joint training

  • Conduct research in the field of narcotics and narcotics related law enforcement

  • Organise career progression courses for ANF Personnel

  • Arrange and coordinate training of newly enrolled / inducted officials of ANF

  • Development of management skills for effective and efficient human resource utilization

  • Promote leadership in pursuit of excellence

  • Promote international cooperation through training collaboration

Training Schedule 1st Half 2019

CB-Preparation of Case File Course (SI/ASI), 7-11 Jan

CB-Counter Narcotics Enforcement Course-1, 21 Jan-15 Feb

PC-Law Course (SI), 11 Feb - 8 Mar

CB-Basic Intelligence Course (Const/HC), 11-15 Mar

PC-Drug Law Enforcement Course (AD), 18 Mar-12 Apr

PC-Train the Trainer Course (SI), 8 Apr-3 May

CB-Control Delivery Operation Course (Insp), 13- 17 May

CB-Drugs and Precursors Identification Course (Const/HC), 17-21 Jun

CB-Advance Assets anf Financial Investigation Course (AD/Insp), 24-28 Jun

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